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About us

Committed to Keeping Your Space Squeaky Clean

Cleancentive is a small, local and family owned business that was inspired by the idea to do things outside the box, to be different from all the other typical cleaning services. A type of cleaning that is motivating, efficient, and brings smiles along with compliments. For each job, we create a cleaning plan that will guarantee that your property is properly cleaned for you to enjoy and those around you. How do we manage to do this? The motivation of our team members is the key to everything. We truly believe in providing all the tools to our team and creating incentives that will further motivate them to take pride in their work. As a result, our Cleancentive team takes pride in their work passing all those incentives to our customers in one way or another. Customers can enjoy having a friendly, motivated, trustworthy, person who takes pride in providing quality work. We provide customized cleaning plans for each cleaning day. Free additional surprise services and much more. Remember, there are hundreds of other big cleaning services who are only interested in your money because that is what moves them. With Cleancentive your business is more than just another job, your satisfaction is our motivation. 

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