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Family Room with Fireplace
Family Room with Fireplace


Services tailored to your needs. 

Professionals & Experienced

Customized Schedules

Environmental Friendly Products  & Equipment

Extra Care Hygiene


Want to always come home to a clean, tidy house but lead a busy life that prevents you from always having the time to do so? Weekly cleaning may be right for you. Enjoy your free time and let us enjoy what we do best, cleaning your home!



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If you are able to maintain your home throughout the week but enjoy a more hands-on clean for the extra areas you can't get to, bi-weekly cleaning may fit your lifestyle best. This is also a good option for budget-conscious clients.


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If you are not home often, have no pets, no children monthly cleaning may fit your cleaning needs best. We can help with the more tedious cleaning tasks throughout your home every month to ensure your home is kept clean and healthy!

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Throwing a party? In-Laws coming? Spring cleaning? We have got you covered whether you need a basic deep cleaning or just need a one-time maintenance cleaning because you're short on time, this type of cleaning may best fit your needs! Simply email us and we can send you our quick survey about your needs.


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An empty house is a perfect time to take advantage of dust, dirt, and grime that may have been hiding for years behind furniture or other objects. Let us take this opportunity to make your move in or move out cleaning easy. Or maybe you have recent construction and there is dust covering ceilings to floors. We can professionally clean your space to help reduce allergens and simply restore your home in a like-new condition, all you’ll have to do is move in!

Move-in, Move-out, and post-construction cleaning

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All interior windows and glass doors are cleaned to ensure that they are crystal clear. If you need a full window cleaning let us know and we can refer you to our window cleaning specialist.

Hard Floors

Our team will use the appropriate and high quality floor cleaning products on your floor surface. We also use steamer to mop your floors.


Our vacuums are HEPA Certified to ensure that we collect every particle of dirt from your carpets & floors. 

Microfiber Cloths

We use color coded microfiber cloths to avoid cross contamination between different areas of your home. 


  • Deep Cleaning

  • Basic Deep Cleaning

  • Routine Cleaning

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pet friendly 

We are pet friendly. In most cases we are able to work around your furry family members without a problem.

 Customized plans 

Don’t use all the rooms in your home? If you only need specific areas in your home cleaned or maintained this type of cleaning may fit your cleaning and financial needs best! Let us know your priorities and budget and we will come up with a customized cleaning plan for your needs.


It's normal, picking a cleaning service that is right for you is not easy and it can sometimes frustrating. Here at CLeancentive we pride ourselves in making your decision stress free and without pressures. Our team members are very personable, reliable, and more than anything trustworthy. We take your trust very seriously. We  understand that hiring a Cleaning service is not always a luxury, but a necessity. We are here to help! We provide competitive rates based on your cleaning needs and frequency. We also offer discounts and custom packages for those that do not need a full home cleaning. If you have any concerns or questions just contact us,we are ready to help. 

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